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Modern Ticketing Platform Promoting Your Brand

Advanced event ticketing software for venues looking to take control of all their online ticketing needs. User friendly, intuitive, robust, and affordable.

The Tickible platform uses the same backbone as Amazon and will give your company an edge over the competition.

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Our Technology

Tickible is fast, intuitive, easy to use, and very powerful. All customer tickets are delivered with your logo and all emails come from your company. No more sharing your customer information with a third party ticketing platform. Your customers always stay on your site. No Tickible branding to pull your customers away.

Blazing Fast Event Set-up

No html or code skills needed. Set and forget interface that takes you through the event set-up quickly and easily. Auto populates to your personalized event page on your website once the event is created. Add images, band posters, promo videos, bios, and more. Event preview so you can see what it will look like before you publish.

Crafted to Your Brand

Offer your customers a refined ticket purchasing process that remains on your website from start to finish. Upon completing their transaction, patrons will receive confirmation emails that are exclusively branded for your venue, with no external branding — not even Tickible's. This ensures that the relationship between you and your client is always direct and uninterrupted. Your brand's integrity is maintained throughout the entire experience.

Flexible Ticket Options

Tickible makes creating your event tickets easy – create tickets for general admission, assigned seating, special add-ons, exclusive VIP experiences, or for members-only. Leverage our intuitive system to define your profit margins, which automatically calculates a ticket fee for customers, inclusive of all processing fees and your desired earnings. Want full control? You have the freedom to tailor this fee charged to your customers according to your preference.

Effortless Communication with Attendees at Your Fingertips

Gone are the days of juggling attendee information between different platforms. Our integrated solution eradicates the need for third-party CRM tools by granting you the power to instantly connect with every attendee.

With just a click, dispatch elegantly crafted emails featuring your branding, logo, and website links — all sent through the robust infrastructure of Amazon AWS servers. Not only does this ensure reliability and professionalism in every interaction, but also cultivates a personalized experience for your customers.

Mobile-Optimized Experience

A staggering 80% of our online ticket sales originate from mobile devices. Recognizing the importance of this, we have proactively enhanced our platform to provide an exceptional experience for our on-the-go customers. With our new mobile-optimized interface, purchasing tickets via smartphones is now quicker and more user-friendly than ever, ensuring a seamless transaction for your patrons.

Exclusive Member Pricing

Tickible redefines ticketing for wineries and performing arts centers, with our enhanced membership integration. Whether you’re utilizing Tickible’s built-in membership system or integrating with your current member database, we provide the flexibility to assign customized discounts according to membership levels. Once set up, members can effortlessly receive their exclusive benefits by simply purchasing tickets with their registered email. The process of membership management, including renewals and onboarding new members, is tailored for ease and effectiveness, ensuring a frictionless experience.

Groups Ticketing

Elevate the convenience for your customers with our group ticketing option. Ideal for selling seats at a table, simply set a group size and with a single ticket purchase your customers will receive an individual ticket for each member in their group. This feature pairs with our ticket sharing system, making the distribution of tickets among friends an simple and intuitive process.

Box Office Ticketing

At the door ticket sales for walk-up cash sales and credit card processing at the venue. Integrated credit card processing and receipt printing with seat and event information printed quickly.

Secure QR Code Tracking

Every ticket features an encrypted QR code that can be quickly scanned by any smartphone - no app installation required! It's a simple process to send a QR Scanner login link to your door and box office staff that tracks every ticket scanned with a name and time stamp.

Advanced Attendee Management

Say goodbye to ticketing delays! With the Tickible system, will call is automatic and digital tickets zoom to inboxes instantly upon purchase.

Our swift attendee lookup feature ensures a quick and seamless entry. Whether it's on-the-spot printing for seated events or quick check-ins for GA — we've got entry covered.

Interactive Seating Charts

Tickible will create up to three seating chart master templates for your venue, and enables you to create an unlimited amount of additional layouts with our user-friendly seat map editor. Customize your event space with precision and ease for any occasion.

"My Tickets" Account

Customers can quickly access their orders, tickets, profile data, and gift certificates on your website from the “My Tickets” page. They can also quickly and easily share tickets with friends they purchased tickets for. Each shared ticket is associated with the recipient’s email address, enabling you to effortlessly monitor who has received which tickets. This feature ensures that you and your customers always have a clear overview of shared and available tickets for simple and effective management.

Quick and Insightful Event Reporting

Our platform revolutionizes event reporting with its cutting-edge system, surpassing conventional ticketing solutions. You no longer have to send daily sales reports to bands and producers, with Tickible’s innovative frontend report feature, you can effortlessly create a private link to a live sales page that can be accessed by your partners at their convenience. Generate settlements after each event, monthly earnings insights, and periodic reviews — customized to your preference. Our versatile reports cover all payment methods, from cash to credit, including promotional codes and gift certificates. Export data seamlessly for external accounting.

Next Generation Point-of-Sale System

Traditional box office systems that use Boca Printers, expensive ticket stock, and broken printer drivers on your box office computer will become a thing of the past. Our turnkey POS system uses a touch screen tablet, receipt printer, and modern credit card terminal that accepts all cards, tap to pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The Tickible POS system lets you easily take split payments, add discounts or upcharges, do band comps with a single tap, print receipts and tickets quickly, check in people at the door, look up attendees, and much more. You can add band merch easily, sell dinner add-ons, and sell tickets to future shows. The best part is it is totally mobile. It can be moved around easily and if you aren’t near your wifi connection it can use the hotspot off your phone to process all your orders at the door. This is the next gen POS ticketing platform.


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